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Omni AZ 102 Telescope with Smartphone Adapter and Bluetooth Shutter Remote

Omni AZ 102 Telescope with Smartphone Adapter and Bluetooth Shutter Remote

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Refractor offers a large 102mm aperture and wide fields of view for both astronomical and terrestrial viewing

New Omni manual slow-motion altazimuth mount uses worm gears for smooth, easy tracking of celestial or terrestrial targets and slip clutches for quick and easy pointing

The mount’s single arm can be repositioned to point near the zenith for astronomical use or downward for terrestrial observing from a deck or window

Accessories include: two eyepieces (20mm and 10mm), finderscope, erect image diagonal, and a smartphone adapter.

Great optics meets elegant design in the Omni series. The 102mm refractor provides enough light-gathering ability perfect for terrestrial and celestial viewing on the go. The Omni can view all the best celestial objects. The telescope’s wide field of view allows you to appreciate extended objects such as the Pleiades Star Cluster, Andromeda Galaxy, or simply panning the Milky Way. Some telescopes can invert or flip your subjects, but Omni AZ 102 includes erect image optics for correctly oriented images making the optical tube ideal for using as a spotting scope during the day.


Setting up the telescope is a breeze, so you can begin observing in no time. Even on your first time out, you can assemble the telescope and its accessories in just a few minutes. The adjustable tripod legs allow you to customize the telescope’s height or place it on raised surfaces like a picnic table. 


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