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STG 44 replica

STG 44 replica

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The StG 44, or Sturmgewehr 1944, assault rifle was developed in Nazi Germany during World War II and is considered by most historians to be the world’s first assault rifle. It is also known as MP 43 and MP 44, which are earlier development versions of the same weapon with minor differences.

StG arrived on the battlefield at the end of the war on the eastern front of Germany. The new type of weapon was helpful, but Germany had already virtually lost the war, and a new, better infantry weapon did not help the already sinking ship. However, the benefits of this new type of weapon were noticed, and immediately after the war the Soviet Union developed the AK-47, influenced by the StG 44 assault rifle, and the US developed the M16 assault rifle. Even the word assault rifle is a direct translation of the name Sturmgewehr.

Made in Spain out of quality material and craftsmanship. Strap and stand is not included 

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