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Desert Eagle, USA-Israel 1982, nickel plated

Desert Eagle, USA-Israel 1982, nickel plated

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The Desert Eagle is a particularly robust semi-automatic pistol that fires the largest ammo you can buy for handguns. Designed in the United States and manufactured in Israel, this pistol is the most powerful magazine-fed, self-loading pistol commercially available. The downside of the weapon is its size and weight, but when seeking maximum impact force, there is nothing that comes close to the Desert Eagle.


What makes the Desert Eagle special is that the pistol charges itself in a gas-piston-like manner, like large rifles, using gunpowder pressure to move the piston and reload the weapon. Pistols do not use this method because it makes the weapon large, but the positive side is that it is this feature that allows the use of larger ammunition in this pistol.

This is a replica, made in Spain by high quality materials, and craftsmanship. 

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