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Lambay Irish Whiskey

Lambay Irish Whiskey

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Triple distilled, bourbon cask matured and finished in cognac casks carried across the sea from the world-renowned cellars of Cognac House Camus. Lambay's own volcanic Trinity Well water is added at the final stage of finishing before bottling, this is a whiskey as unique as the island that inspires it. Pale oak brown color. Aromas are floral, citrus and lingering spiciness. Tastes of cracked almonds, pepper, malt, and floral. The finish is a spiciness with lingering sweetness.

Fresh pear and honeysuckle mingle on the mellow nose and palate, drying to fiery cinnamon on the finish. An ice cube or splash of water is needed to take off the edge. Finished in Cognac casks.



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