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Midnight Moon Chocolate Brownie Moonshake

Midnight Moon Chocolate Brownie Moonshake

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Why limit brownies to a plate when you can sip them? Midnight Moon brings the indulgence of chocolate brownies to your glass with their Moonshake Cream Liqueur. Experience the perfect blend of robust cocoa flavors and the smoothness of cream, redefining dessert liqueurs.


Whether you're reminiscing about cherished recipes or looking to elevate a cocktail, this liqueur ensures a sensory journey that's as delightful as it is memorable. Dive in and discover your new favorite treat.


This liqueur puts the moon in moonshake – Midnight Moon's Chocolate Brownie Moonshake Cream Liqueur! Enjoy a fusion of decadent chocolate, fudgy brownies and velvety cream for a smooth taste that'll make you say, "Howdy Moon!"

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