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Second Glance Bourbon

Second Glance Bourbon

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Savage and Cook Distillery by Dave Phinney


Distillery: Savage & Cook Distillery


Region: Mare Island – Vallejo California


Aging: 5 years


ABV: 44%


Price: $35


Appearance: Dark Amber


Mash Bill: 95% Corn, 4% Rye, 1% Malted Barley


Nose: Very sweet – think maple syrup steeped with dark berries and hints of vanilla and hazelnut.


Palate: The flavor is very smooth and extremely easy to drink. Flavors come through with a similar blend as the nose – dark fruits, raisins, and dried fig blended with caramel, maple syrup sweetness, oak, and a bit of spice on the finish.


Finish: The finish is a bit quick and the flavors don’t stick around for long. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After each sip, I quickly reach for another.


Second Glance is a whiskey that I could easily sip on glass after glass. It leaves me guessing and trying to determine exactly what makes it taste so good, but it always seems that the next sip will help me solve the puzzle.

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