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Tullamore Dew 750ml

Tullamore Dew 750ml

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ullamore Dew, a large Irish whiskey distiller but a far second to Jameson, is often known for their entry-level Tullamore Dew Original in the green label. However, there’s a much higher quality product, and actually, one of the highest-scoring whiskeys you could have ever tried. With an approachable yet complex taste, Tullamore Dew has everything you could possibly want from a mid-range whiskey.

The green label is considered to be the entry-level whiskey for Tullamore Dew and is often the most common bottle in both on and offline stores. It’s a relatively smooth Irish whiskey with a definite sweetness to it and an almost oaky finish which leads you to believe it’s not mashed or distilled all in malted barley as you would expect from a budget Irish whiskey set at this price point.

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